Advice for your delivery or collection day

Dear Customer,

Thank you once again for placing your order with LULU'S!

You will be receiving your order soon and we'd like to guide you with what's going to happen on your actual delivery/collection day.

All deliveries are carried out by our external delivery vendors. As much as we do our part to reinforce your delivery details and special notes to them, we would like to highlight some useful pointers that you can help to take note, so as to minimise any possible miscommunications during the delivery process.

If you have arranged a self-collection, please see this link for road direction to our self-collection outlet.

1. Checking the products

Request to open up 1 box of your package to make sure your message card is correct, as per the final draft that was liaised with our design team. Ensure that the number of boxes delivered is correct, tally them against your copy of our delivery note (Please request for your copy of delivery note from the delivery vendor if it is not given to you).

If you have more than 1 pastry set in the same theme box, a colour dot indication will be marked on the (plain white) side of the pastry boxes. Tally the colour of the dots on the boxes with your copy of delivery note to differentiate the different pastry sets.

If you have purchased additional message card, your cards will be packed separately in a sealed envelope and come together with your packages.

Please ensure that you have received all items before signing on our electronic delivery note.


2. Caring for the products

Handle your packages with care. Items like red eggs (egg shell) and tarts are delicate and might crack easily. Keep your packages away from heat and direct sun at all times and keep them in cool places or preferably air-conditioned rooms.

We strongly recommend you and your guests to consume all fresh food items on the delivery day itself. Our packages do not require any refrigeration for consumption on the delivery /collection day, as our kuehs and pastries are freshly made on the same day.

In the event if you or your guests would need to keep the packages beyond the delivery/collection day, please store them in the fridge as soon as you received the packages and consume them within the next 2-3 days.

Traditional kueh items such as ang ku kuehs/ang yees, glutinous rice and steam cakes will be hardened once they are stored in the fridge, therefore we do not recommend you to store these items. They must be consumed on the same day for absolute freshness.

Our french confectionery pastries have a shelf-life of min 30 days. Store the package in dry cool place, avoid sun and heat.

Please adhere to proper procedures to keep the packages fresh for your guests and your own consumption, to avoid unnecessary health complications.


3. Redelivery charges

We will always ensure our delivery vendors to try their best to deliver your packages within the stipulated time, however we appreciate if you can give them an allowance of 15 mins for any unexpected delays (bad weather or traffic condition, delays from previous deliveries etc), if any. You may WHATSAPP our delivery team at 84100744  to check the delivery status of your order at any time of the delivery day itself.

In the event if our delivery vendors were held back by massive traffic jam or unexpected long delays, we will notify you as soon as possible via sms once we were informed by them.

Please ensure someone will be available to receive the packages at the provided delivery address. In situations wherein nobody is around to receive the packages, the packages will be returned to our self-collection outlet. You may also arrange a redelivery at flat rate of $25 per trip, subject to availability.

Delivery charges (if any) will not be refunded for packages that are returned to our self-collection outlet.


4. Contact us

Office is closed on weekends. For any urgent issues, please contact our self-collection outlet @ 66 933 160 or WHATSAPP our production team at 88324 0399.

Last but not least, we wish you a wonderful celebration and hope that you will be pleased with your order when you received them.