Your order must contain at least 15 boxes (of 6-pc package) with a choice of theme box in order to be eligible to add on any of these 3 pastry sets with quantity less than 15 boxes.

We offer 3 selected sets (Original, MerryHalal  & Beloved – Confectionery) that allow you to order only 3 boxes (instead of the standard requirement of min 15 boxes per pastry sets) to ease the convenience for customers who have a minority of guests with special requirement.

Please note that when you order (any of) these 3 selected sets with quantity less than 15 boxes,  these boxes will not be entitled to a choice of theme box. The requirement of 15 boxes per theme box option still applies.

They will follow the same theme box as the rest of the order. If you have more than 1 theme box option in your order, you may have the option to state your preference (under “special notes” in the order form).

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