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Celebrate the birth of your baby mice with this warm family theme in the blend of pastel colours. Say Cheese!

Also available in 6pcs packages

Wordings on theme box: Thank you for Celebrating with us

[ 10 free 1 promotion – for all orders placed before 31 May 2020. Delivery dates after 31 May 2020 will also enjoy the promotion as long as orders are placed before 31 May 2020.

Please note that the number of free boxes will be updated via sms notice, it will NOT appear in your cart. Do not include the free boxes into your order when you purchase.

For example:

You place an order and pay for 10 boxes, you will get 1 free box. You will get a total of 11 boxes.

If you need 20 boxes, place order and pay for 19 boxes.

Feel free to WhatsApp us if you require any clarification! ]

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