Message cards

The perfect photo

As our message card is in a considerably big 4R size, please send us a high resolution photo so that your message card will be printed in good and sharp photo quality. The photo can be taken by a digital camera or phone, as long as the photo is sharp and in good resolution.

Choose a photo that has plenty of empty background space around the baby so that our design team can have more flexibility to design your cards. Avoid photo that has the baby too near to the edges and we strongly recommend photo that shows the complete face and hands of the baby.

It is best to take the photo of your baby on a light and plain coloured bed or sofa with minimum elements, in a bright environment. Remove any items around the baby that you do not wish to appear in your photo, as we are not able to edit (remove undesired items from) your photo.

Our design team will take in the extra effort to brighten up your colours and correct colour tone whenever necessary, to ensure your photo is looking at its best when printed.


Editing your photo

It is best to submit the original file of your photo, please do not crop your photo. You can send us both the original file and a cropped file so we know which portion you'd like to focus on your photo when we embed your photo into the theme card.

We would not recommend you to add effects or elements around the photo as picture frame differ for each theme card, and the added elements might look out of place when appearing on the theme card design.

Photo collage (combining a few photos together into one image) is not recommended. Only 1 single shot photo is accepted.


The message

We encourage our customers to get creative and write something that’s really customised for themselves!

Get creative and customise your very own message in English, Chinese or any International Languages!

To inspire our new customers, we would like to share some of the messages from our past customers:

1) Welcome our Baby, (name of Baby) | D.O.B. | Birth Weight / Birth Length

2) Hello! My name is (name of Baby). Thank you for Celebrating my Full Month with Daddy (name) and Mummy (name)!”

3) Hi, I’m (name of Baby), Thank you for coming to my Party!

4) New arrival of Our Baby Boy/Girl, (name of Baby)

5) Thank you for sharing the Celebration with our Bundle of Joy! (name of Baby / D.O.B.)

6) Thank you for sharing this Joyous Occasion with us! With lotsa love from Daddy (name) and Mummy (name)!

7) Happy one month to Baby (name of Baby)! Thank you for celebrating with us.

8) Baby (name of Baby) says Thanks!

All orders come with complimentary personalised 4R message card (option to include photo for free or just text message) for every box. Exception applies to e-gift voucher packages, where a standard (non-personalised) card will be provided. 

You may upload your photo during online ordering OR email your photo to our design team at no later than 4 days before your delivery or collection date.

Our design team will work on your card as soon as we have received your payment and submission of photo. Please allow 1 working day* for our design team to send you a draft of your card for approval. Customers who submit their photos / message on Friday late afternoon or over the weekends, will receive their draft by following Monday evening.

No changes is allowed once cards are approved for production.

All cards will be processed for production at 4pm, 2 working days* before your delivery / collection date to ensure that your packages are packed with the message cards. If there's any changes that you wish to make, please revert no later by 3.30pm, 2 working days before your delivery/collection. If in any event, we do not receive your response to the draft, we'll confirm the draft on your behalf to proceed for production when the deadline is due.

If we do not receive your baby photo / message by our production deadline, a generic message card will be printed for your message cards.

If it is necessary for you to make any changes after your approval or production deadline, a reprint surcharge of $25 will apply. This surcharge cannot be waived.


* Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays are our non-working days.