Keeping the packages fresh


We strongly recommend you and your guests to consume the items in the packages on the delivery/collection day itself. All our pastries and kuehs are freshly made on the early morning of the delivery/collection date. Please ensure that you select the delivery/collection date accordingly to your event date or the date that you wish to distribute the packages.

If you are planning to distribute the packages on different days or your event is spreading over a few days, please place separate orders for each single day. Orders for different days or addresses CANNOT BE COMBINED. It is absolutely worth every extra effort to place a separate order to ensure that your specially invited guests deserve the freshest packages on your special celebration.

In the event if you or your guests would need to keep the packages beyond the delivery/collection day, please store them in the fridge as soon as you received the packages and consume them within the next 2-3 days.

Traditional kueh items such as ang ku kuehs/ang yees, glutinous rice and steam cakes will be hardened once they are stored in the fridge, therefore we do not recommend you to store these items. They must be consumed on the same day for absolute freshness.

Our french confectionery pastries have a shelf-life of min 14 days. Store the package in dry cool place, avoid sun and heat.

Please adhere to proper procedures to keep the packages fresh for your guests and your own consumption, to avoid unnecessary health complications.